Our Mission

Our mission is to promote peace, human rights and sustainable development through education, advocacy and service.

We are a non-profit human rights and sustainable development organization that uses a unique, holistic approach to help communities become self-reliant and resilient.

Himalayan Peace Foundation plays an important role in our society. We are dedicated to a specific cause or mission, and work tirelessly to achieve our vision. 

Our Vision

To build an enabling climate in which the community may demand service delivery through acceptable media that educates the community and holds elected leaders, networks, and other stakeholders such as the media responsible to the grassroots community.

Promoting peace, human rights and sustainable development around the world.

HPF and Society

Himalayan Peace Foundation's role is to collaborate with democratic and accountability development stakeholders, such as community, Policy makers, and other partners, to advocate for citizens' rights and raise resources and awareness to meet their basic needs of Peace, Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Policy Intervention.

Himalayan Peace Foundation  will be guided by and seek to promote and safeguard the essential concepts of democratic ideals, rule of law, efficient public management, economic empowerment, equity, and justice at all times in order to achieve our goals.